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(Pocket-lint) - Only a few days after setting it live, Twitter has reverted a change to its users' timelines on iOS that had immediately proved controversial.

The tweak had added two tabs at the top of people's home page, defaulting to one called Home that displayed an algorithmically selected assortment of recent Tweets. The other, Latest Tweets, had the chronological timeline used by so many.

Now, it would seem that the way the app was favouring the Home was annoying to so many users that Twitter has seen fit to completely revert the change and explore other ways of improving its app.

The update had only dropped on iOS, but had previously been announced for Android and the web as well, so it's quite a major about-face for the company, although one that demonstrates it's at least willing to listen to criticism when it comes in waves.

Like so many social media giants before it, including both Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is learning that many of its users will always prefer a feed that shows the latest content, if only as a way of escaping the pressures of a feed that endlessly refreshes with new content regardless of whether any has actually been posted.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.