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(Pocket-lint) - One of Twitter's defining features is its character limit, originally a very restrictive 140 characters, it doubled to 280 characters in 2017.

In 2020, Twitter introduced continuous threads for longer-form writing, but each entry was still limited to 280 characters.

Now, it would appear that Twitter is looking at adding a feature that would enable users to pen full articles on the platform.

The news comes after an app researcher, Jane Wong, discovered a hidden menu on the Twitter website dedicated to a new feature called Twitter Articles.

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So far, there aren't many details as to how the feature will work, who it will be open to or when we might expect to see it.

We predict that the new feature will first be opened to Twitter Blue users as the Labs feature offers early access to features in testing.

Alternatively, we might see Twitter restricting the feature to journalists as something of an answer to Facebook News.

A Twitter representative told CNET that it is "always looking into new ways to help people start and engage in conversations" and so we should expect to hear more about this feature in the near future.

Writing by Luke Baker.
  • Via: Twitter might launch a long-form format so users can write articles - cnet.com
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