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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter has unveiled new features for its subscription service, Twitter Blue, and for all those users who have been screaming for an edit button, it would seem you are in luck, to an extent.

Twitter Blue's most talked about new feature is the undo button. This lets you recall a tweet before it is sent and gives you 60 seconds to do so. Yeah, it's not quite an edit button, but we can imagine it will save a lot of power-users the trouble of an embarrassing typo.

Other features include bookmarks folders, themes for your twitter app and app icon, a reader mode for tweet-threads and a Labs program that will allow you to try new Twitter features before they roll out to everyone else.

The service was initially made available on iOS only in Canada and Australia, but as of right now it is rolling out to Android and web users in the US and New Zealand too. It costs $2.99 per month where available, and there has been no mention of the UK just yet.

Another stand out feature unveiled as part of the expansion is access to ad-free articles from participating websites. Twitter says it has more than 300 US based sites enrolled in the program, including BuzzFeed, The Washington Post and The Hollywood Reporter.

Twitter Blue will share a portion of the revenue from the subscription with these websites. Unfortunately, the ad-free articles are exclusive to iOS initially, and there's no word on when they should arrive on Android devices.

Writing by Luke Baker. Originally published on 10 November 2021.