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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter has been working on a lot of feature updates recently - newly available is a control that enables you to control who can reply to you even AFTER you tweet. 

Around a year ago Twitter introduced restrictions on replies, enabling you to make statements rather than start conversations that might include unwanted reactions.

You can also choose to only allow people named to reply, meaning you can start a group conversation more easily that can't be barged in upon by others.

Now the feature has been expanded and you can change who can reply in the pop-up menu from any of your tweets.

However, the reply restriction feature has been criticised because tweets can still be quote-tweeted, therefore enabling trolls and others to bypass the restriction, even if they can't reply directly to the initial tweet. 

The feature was talked about during the company's event we attended at CES 2020 where Twitter said it wanted to prioritise "conversational health". Twitter has also recently introduced easier-to-read conversations and the ability to check out who has quote-tweeted you more easily. 

Banning replies to certain tweets is a welcome step in the fight against trolling. But it's been yet another few days when racist abuse on Twitter has again been in the spotlight, so it's clear the social network has a lot more work to do. At least part of Twitter's answer seems to be verifying more users

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 14 July 2021.