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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter is reportedly planning to overhaul its TweetDeck dashboard app. 

TweetDeck, which launched in 2008 and was originally independent before Twitter acquired it 2011, lets you manage Twitter accounts in a single place, complete with easy-to-scan vertical rows and plenty of granular controls that allow you to layout and arrange your Twitter lists and feeds.

According to The Verge, Twitter is finally planning to significantly update the aging app, which is beloved by journalists and power users alike, after many years of neglect. Product chief Kayvon Beykpour said Twitter plans to share more about the update later in 2021. He noted TweetDeck's product team knows it hasn't “given TweetDeck a lot of love recently", but they're hoping to change that soon.

TweetDeck's overhaul is apparently part of Twitter’s overarching goals to improve its tools and ultimately repair relationships with developers.

Here's what Beykpour said:

"We’ve been working on a pretty big overhaul from the ground up of TweetDeck, and it’s something that we’re excited to share publicly sometime this year. And so that’s just an example of a Twitter-owned and operated service that we will continue investing in. We also, over the last five years, I think, haven’t given a lot of love to our developer ecosystem. A bunch of reasons for that, some missteps that we’d taken in the past, then also sort of prioritization. We are also changing that."

Beykpour didn't mention whether TweetDeck would get a new design or new features, but a Bloomberg report from last month said Twitter was actively exploring a premium version of TweetDeck that could cost a subscription fee. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.