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(Pocket-lint) - As any seasoned Twitter user knows, once you start following more than a handful of accounts your timeline can get a bit messy. Twitter's timeline algorithm can help, but it's sometimes even more bonkers. 

The answer is lists - pop people you follow into relevant lists and you can be sure you don't miss out on important Tweets. Tweetdeck makes it easy to use and see lists, but it's always been a bit of a faff on Twitter. 

Late in 2019 Twitter made a change to its iOS app to let allow users to pin lists directly on the homepage for easy access. That change is now making its way to Android smartphones as well. 

If you use Twitter on your phone you can now pin five different lists that you can then swipe between to ensure you don't miss out. Use those lists to keep up to date with news from your favourite websites (like us of course), colleagues, sports teams or just to keep track of your favourite bands. 

It's worth noting that the change is rolling out now, meaning you might not have it your phone just yet, but it will be coming soon. 

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Writing by Adrian Willings.