There are certainly some hilarious folks on Twitter. The social network is not all just politics and news, it's also full of jokes if you take the time to look or follow the right accounts. 

We've collected some of the funniest Tweets about tech from the last few years. Keep with us to enjoy some rib-tickling funnies. Be sure to these follow these people for more in future too. 


Hang up the phone

A sure-fire way to show your age to young whippersnappers who have grown up in the smartphone era and have no idea why you'd have to "hang up" the telephone in order to end the call. 


There is no error

Nothing to see here, move along. An error message from Apple to warn the user that there is no error. Good to know. 


Ryan Reynolds on parenting

Desperate parents will do anything for a break from their kids. Ryan Reynolds even took to Tinder, we expect Crystal and Janine were disappointed when they turned up for a good time.


Smartphone addiction

In the good old days, our parents warned us that watching too much TV would make our eyes go square. Now everyone is hooked on their smartphone, even our children. They're also determined to take it off you to play games, leaving sticky fingerprints all over the screen. Bad times. 


Feeling old yet?

Kids nowadays don't know what they've got and when you're forced to explain how when you were young there were just a few channels or everything was black and white, you really start to feel old. 


Background noise

Nevermind wasting electricity, the new generation loves watching multiple screens at once. But then we're also all guilty of looking at our phones while the TV is on. What a time to be alive. 


Be brave like Internet Explorer

Poor old Internet Explorer gets a lot of grief, but maybe you can take some inspiration and motivation from its determination. 


USB frustrations

We all know how frustrating plugging a USB device in can be. Thank goodness for the advent of USB-C and a much less annoying future. 


Microsoft Word jokes

Visual jokes with pie charts are always a joy. Even more so when they accurately highlight how frustrating technology can be. 


If smartphones were smarter

If smartphones were smarter you wouldn't lose them. Of course, it is possible to find your phone with the help of Google Assistant, Siri and other tech now but it's still not perfect. 


Russian Doll jokes

This tweet could almost have been shared from a Dad jokes Twitter account, hilarious japes about real world things created with tech.


The Rock

You've got to make sure your password is Rock solid in order to stay safe online. Make a password that even The Rock would be proud of. 


How to survive when Instagram is down

This Tweet makes us wonder whether cavemen draw their snacks on cave walls. Are you even eating something delicious if there's not a record of it online?


Amazon is always selling

Order something on Amazon once and you'll forever be bombarded with ads and notifications to buy more. Or maybe the company knows that you really love watches?


Staring out of the window

The other bonus of smartphones is they help you have to avoid eye contact, make small talk or engage in any form of social interaction. Yey, technology! 


Clickbait jokes are the best

You might not enjoy clickbait articles, but you've got to appreciate a good clickbait joke. You won't believe how hilarious they are. 


Uber Eats vs Wikipedia

Technology makes everything easier - from getting anything you want delivered to your house in a very short time to learning something new with ease. Choose wisely how you spend your hard-earned cash. Knowledge is power, but food is life. 


Microwave meal mishaps

How many people will admit to having this problem? We certainly do. But at least we can also admit to recycling the packaging as we should be, so it's easy enough to dig out again. 


Amazon at it again

Amazon doesn't just want you to buy more watches. It also knows that you need more than one humidifier. 


Facebook jokes

Facebook gets a lot of flack for privacy and advertising standards. Plenty of people have a story about adverts suddenly appearing for things they've talked about with family or friends but never actually searched for. Does Facebook just know you that well?


Film Noir of emoticons

If you're using these emoticons over the standard ones you must lead an interesting life. Like an old-time Private Eye or super sleuth. 


Apple Pencil sketches

Sketching on your Apple iPad might not be quite as romantic as in a notebook, but it certainly lends itself to a good joke. 


Smart water

Sometimes smart technology isn't always that smart. When you have to upgrade your fridge before you can get some water, isn't it easier just to use a tap? 


Arnie loves Vista

Generally speaking people didn't think much of Microsoft's Windows Vista, but that doesn't make this joke any less amusing.