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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter is dabbling in updates that might allow you to follow specific topics in the same way you follow people. You'll also be able to snooze ones you don't like as well.

The company held a recent press event during which it revealed it was working on ways to allow users to follow topics that interested them. The feature is set to roll out to Android users first and will give the ability to follow topics including sports teams, celebrities and TV shows.

Following a topic will then mean you'll see some curated extra tweets appearing in the timeline from users you don't follow. 

These curated topic tweets will be identified through machine learning and should relate logically to the subject you're interested in. 

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The test is starting with sports and only for Android users, but if successful should roll out to more subjects and more users over time. 

This new feature is clearly a move by Twitter to help users discover other accounts to follow that might be relevant to them with ease. Another element of the test is to let users mute certain topics. Ideal if you don't want to see Tweets that might spoil your favourite new TV show or are fed up with hearing about the latest political fiasco. 

Twitter is also testing other feature updates and changes in the meantime. These include temporary notification snoozing for Android users to avoid being disturbed at the wrong time, a search functionality for DMs and "Live Photo" support. 

Interesting changes are afoot. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.