(Pocket-lint) - Did you know a blue-ish dark mode isn't really a dark mode?

Yeah, neither did we, but, apparently, the tech world on Twitter thinks otherwise. As a result, Twitter's CEO has promised to fix Twitter - ridding it of the dark blue colour that is now available and replacing it with an actual black colour so that the app will have a "true" dark mode.

Why does this matter? Well, follow us down this Twittersphere rabbit hole...

David Pierce of The Wall Street Journal published an article that said "every gadget and app" should have a dark mode, claiming it is "good for your eyes, battery, and maybe even sanity". His colleague, Christopher Mims, tweeted the story, adding: "In a world of bright, blue light-spewing LCD screens, every app should have a dark mode, says @pierce. Could not agree more. Except I'd add we need more non-LCD screens." 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey replied to this, saying: "Would be great if there was an OS level switch all apps could use". (Ironically, it looks like the next version of Android will have this feature.) Anyway, Android Headline editor Alex Maxham replied to Dorsey, noting he wished all apps used black for a dark mode - "unlike this weird blue @Twitter uses". Dorsey agreed and confirmed Twitter is already working on a direct solution.

Remember, many modern phones use OLED screens that can turn off bright pixels when displaying a pure black colour, which in turn is less taxing on your device's battery. Plus, people who use their phones or computers late at night or in the dark often suffer from eye strain. But it looks like Twitter will be at least one app they can use in the future in order to avoid headaches and dead batteries.

We don't know when this new version of Twitter’s dark mode is expected to launch, but it’s obviously in the works.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.