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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter is developing a “save for later” feature.

The new tool will arrive at some point in the future, as reported by BuzzFeed. Keith Coleman, the company’s head of product, announced it in a tweet, noting users are often request a way to bookmark tweets. Such a feature would allow them to scroll through Twitter, then save a tweet, and return later to read it. Currently, users often have to use the “like” button or direct-message tweets to save them.


It might sound like a simple change to add a "save for later" option to Twitter, but it would have a real and noticeable affect on users who don't always have time to read entire stories that have been tweeted out or even mega-threads that consist of hundreds of tweets (yes, there are people who tweet that much in one sitting; bless their hearts). You could even use the feature to save a video to watch later.

Twitter product manager Jesar Shah showed an early demo of what the bookmarking feature might look like when it does officially launch. Mind you, Twitter is not known for changing how it does things. It treads lightly, to say the least, when it comes to rolling out new features. For the most part, the service is almost identical to how it looked and operated when it launched years ago.

That said, it did just roll out 280-character tweets, which, of course, users either hate or love. Unlike that drastic tweak, however, we think a "save for later" function would be wholly embraced by all.

Writing by Elyse Betters.