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(Pocket-lint) - Want to score a date with a celebrity?

You have a few options: Become rich and famous yourself, try Tinder Select, or try Loveflutter Blue. Since the first isn't a practical option, and the second one is an invite-only feature within the dating app Tinder, you're better off using the premium version of Loveflutter. It's a Tinder-like app that hooks into your Twitter account and tries to match you up with other users - including celebrities.


Here's everything you need to know about Loveflutter Blue.

What is Loveflutter Blue?

Loveflutter has a new premium level - "Blue" - aimed at celebrities, but there's a catch. It only works for verified Twitter users. The name even refers to Twitter's blue tick community. Blue taps into Twitter's verification system to connect you with celebrities. However, not all verified Twitter users are famous. In 2015, Twitter said a quarter of its 150,000 verified users were media personalities.

Loveflutter said it's not trying to be elitist with its new premium teir:

"We realise for some of our users in the public eye, privacy and authenticity are a primary concern. We want to make dating safer in an era of catfishing too. It’s why we’re tapping into a ready-made community of like-minded singles. With nearly 200k accounts verified by government-issued photo id, Twitter's blue tick holders make up the largest pool of 100% real users online, anywhere."

How does Loveflutter Blue work?

First, check to see if Loveflutter is available in your area (from here), and then download Loveflutter Blue (from here). Again, you must be a verified Twitter user. (If you're not, go here to learn how to become one.) From the app, login to your Twitter account and fill out your dating profile. Then, as Loveflutter put it, you're free to "swipe familiar faces and date celebrities discreetly ;-)".

Pro tip: Swipe down to like a person or swipe up to reject them.

What is Blue Concierge?

If you’re too busy to swipe, Loveflutter Blue will soon offer a "dating concierge service", which includes "handpicked introductions and discreet dates at the most intimate and exclusive venues in your city - 100% confidentiality guaranteed".

Where is Loveflutter Blue available?

Blue is only available in select cities across the globe. As of July 2017, those include San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo. However, there is one caveat: the tier won't go live until 1,000 local members are available.

How much does Loveflutter Blue cost?

At launch, becoming a Blue member is free. However, Loveflutter said a monthly subscription will apply "soon". There's no word yet on how much the monthly fee will cost.

Are there any alternative apps?

Yup. As we mentioned earlier, there's Tinder Select. You can also try apps like RayaLuxy, and The League, which are exclusive to the rich.

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Want to know more?

Check out Loveflutter's FAQ page and blog for more details.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Editing by Adrian Willings.