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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter and Periscope have just announced they are now rolling out live 360 video, which is more than likely to compete with Facebook Live and Snapchat. Live 360-degree video broadcasts are only available for select users for now, but both companies have said the feature will be rolled out on a global scale in "the coming weeks".

You'll know a video is being filmed in 360 because a badge saying 'Live 360' will appear on the video. When you watch a 360 video, you'll be able to change the point of view by either moving your phone around or tapping and scrolling around the screen.

Twitter user Alex Pettitt has posted one of the first live 360 videos and to view it, you'll need to open it through the Twitter app on your phone. What isn't clear is how you shoot a 360 video, as neither Twitter nor Periscope have said how it's done. Presumably only the users who are able to film them know for now.

If you're interested in filming in 360 video then you can sign up to Periscope's waiting list to be notified of when the feature is available and ready to use.

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Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 29 December 2016.