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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter is killing Vine as we know it.

The video-sharing mobile app, which burst onto the scene in 2013, giving people the ability to create and post 6-second video clips, will be discontinued and turned into Vine Camera. Although many Vine creators found viral fame with the service and went on to have successful media careers, Vine itself didn't seen a lot of user engagement in 2016. Creators eventually fled Vine for Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, and without people creating or using the app like they once did, it made sense that Twitter would give it the axe.

So, what’s next? Twitter said Vine's mobile app would become Vine Camera on 17 January, and all the videos that remain on the service will be archived. It's not clear how long Twitter will keep them online for, but it did clarify that users should download any of their own clips of funny animals, cute kids, hilarious gags, shocking fails, creative memes, or whatever before 17 January.

You can download the clips via the Vine app or desktop site. You can choose them individually, or you can select to receive an email with them all included. Here's everything you need to know.

Will Vine let you download Vines?

Yes. You can download your Vines from the app on iOS and Android or the vine.co website. See how here:

it s the vine al countdown save your vines now before it s too late image 6

If you download your Vines from the app, you will receive only your video files saved to your camera roll with no additional information.

However, the file of Vines that you download from the vine.co website on a desktop computer will include an index.html file that contains your Vine captions, number of likes, comments, and revines. You can also click the “Download Your Vines” button on the vine.co website, or select an option in the mobile app, to get a download link to your Vines sent to the email address associated with your account.

See Vine's FAQ page for more details. 

Are there other ways to download Vines?

Yes. Here you go:

The 'save video as...' method

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(Screenshot: Pocket-lint)it s the vine al countdown save your vines now before it s too late image 3
  1. Go to Vine's website on your computer and find a clip. You'll want to paste the URL to a Vine's post page into your browser. 
  2. Add "qq" in front of the domain name. (Example: https://vine.co/v/OPFWFzXKpJu > https://qqvine.co/v/OPFWFzXKpJu)
  3. Select a version you'd like download (high quality etc) by clicking on the appropriate download link.
  4. The download will open in a new page. Right-click on the player and save the video file to your computer.
  5. Enjoy your Vine for the rest of time.

The video downloader method

(Screenshot: Pocket-lint)it s the vine al countdown save your vines now before it s too late image 4

There are several sites that let you quickly download videos from Vine, YouTube, or wherever. Vinedeck.com is one example. Simply pick whichever site or tool you'd like to use, then paste the URL to a Vine's post page into the appropriate field, and click the download link. Or, you can right-click on the video preview and then save the video file to your computer. 

The Giphy GIF method

(Screenshot: Pocket-lint)it s the vine al countdown save your vines now before it s too late image 5

If you want to import all of your Vines and turn them to GIFs, try using Giphy. Just head to this link on your computer, then sign into (or create) your Giphy account, and paste the profile URL of your Vine account into the appropriate box. From there, click the Import button. That's it! 

Writing by Elyse Betters.