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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter has recently announced a whole raft of tweaks and changes that are coming to the platform soon, but the first to arrive will be #Stickers, the fun photo-changing feature that was trialled with a select few accounts a few months ago.

Twitter Stickers are being rolled out to everyone's account soon, and they will be available to use through the iOS and Android apps initially.

They give you a wide range of images to place over your photo posts, including pictoral accessories, emoji and props. They serve two purposes; they make your photos look wacky and also work like hashtags. By clicking on a #Sticker on someone's photo, the search engine will pull up every tweeted photo using the same decal.

You can use multiple stickers on a photo, resize and rotate them.

In addition to the mobile apps, users will be able to view and click stickers on Twitter.com, although you won't be able to place them as yet.

Twitter now has a wide range of photo editing tools, including filters, cropping and accessibility. What's more, the social network will soon remove images, video and other media from the overall tweet character length. That means you will be able to tweet a photo, for example, but still use 140 characters to describe it.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 27 June 2016.