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(Pocket-lint) - Kim Kardashian West has access to a new app that makes Twitter much easier for her to understand and use.

The app is called Twitter Engage. Although it's not limited to famous people, it's obvious that the app is meant to help popular or verified users on Twitter highlight the most important interactions they've had as well as view detailed analytics and performance numbers for their posts. But like we said, anyone can use it, so if you're interested in it, we've detailed everything you need to know.

What is Twitter Engage?

Twitter Engage is all about analytics.

However, Twitter has described Engage as a new companion app for Twitter. It's available now and basically provides you with real-time data and insights about your tweets and followers. It's clear that Engage is targeting famous people, including celebrities, influences, and public figures. It's designed to help them better interact with their audience and build an even bigger following.

With Twitter Engage, you can see how posts perform. So, if you're a posting a sponsored tweet that tries to hawk a juice cleanse, you can see how your followers responded by viewing total impressions and interactions for that post. You can also sift through the noise and find mentions and interactions with your verified/top followers.

The idea is you'll be able to better engage on Twitter, and you'll be able to better understand engagement activity on your posts. It's also about making it easier for you to connect with fans. It gives you all the info you need in one, organised place. 

How does Twitter Engage work?

Start by downloading Twitter Engage. It's free but only available for iOS in the US. From there, open the app and give it permission to connect to your Twitter account. You should see a Get Started button at the bottom and might have to log into Twitter. Once all that is done, the app will load its main interface. You'll see a menu bar along the bottom with three main tabs: Engage, Understand, and Posts.


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Engage displays your most important interactions on Twitter. You'll see a section where you view the most recent "top" people who have followed you (in other words: verified people), and you'll see another section that aggregates all your interactions with verified people (such as mentions, replies, likes, etc). You'll even see another screen that specifically highlights all your mentions from people whom you interact with you a lot. 


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Understand displays high-level analytics for your posts in real-time, such as how many impressions you've been getting over time. You'll also see your recent likes, mentions, retweets, impressions, and followers, along with data about your audience, including their demographics. 


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Posts displays detailed performance numbers for individual posts. You will see three different sections that'll let you see stats for your videos, photos and GIFs, and other tweets. Each post will show impressions, engagements, likes, retweets, replies, etc.

Who can use Twitter Engage?

Twitter Engage reminds us of Facebook Mentions - a two-year-old app that also helps celebrities discover posts about them and relevant to them. That said, Mentions requires a verified Facebook account to use, while Twitter Engage is available to all iOS users in the US. 

Want to know more?

Check out Twitter's blog post for more details.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 22 June 2016.