Twitter has announced that its Moments feature is coming to the UK soon.

Already established in the US, Twitter Moments presents trends and news events in a content-rich fashion, that you can see without hundreds of other tweets and scan through quickly. You can then choose to follow Moments and have them appear in your general feed.

The content chosen as part of the new Twitter Moments section – which appears as a lightning bolt at the bottom of smartphone apps or on the browser version – is curated. A dedicated UK team will choose the content for users in the country.

There are different, swipeable sections under the Moments tab, which filters by genre – including entertainment, sports and general fun.

Moments can be made up from official news feeds or even from usual Twitter followers. Up to the minute events can be displayed as a Moment, even if shot on a smartphone as it happens. Indeed, some of the biggest news trends often are.

Twitter Moments is rolling out across UK accounts from today, 15 December. You'll know when you have it because the lightning bolt logo will appear among the usual icons at the bottom of the smartphone app.