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(Pocket-lint) - Soon, you might be able to 'Tears of Joy' something on Twitter.

Roughly one week after replacing the favourite button with a heart/like button, Twitter has begun testing even more ways for you to interact with tweets in your feed, according to several reports and at least one user on Twitter.

Twitter has received a lot of flack this past week for introducing the heart/like interaction, because - let's face it - not every tweet deserves love, but you still might want to engage with it or mark it for reading later. Twitter knows this. Just like Facebook knows this. And so it isn't too surprising to discover that Facebook has begun testing alternative reactions.

According to Twitter user _Ninji (via The Verge), who is using a jailbroken version of the Twitter app (developer build), a new feature, which is very much a work in progress at this point, allows users to engage with tweets by employing frowns, smiley faces, and up to 100 other emoji. A screenshot provided by the Twitter user showed some of the possible reactions.

Twitter user _Ninjidon t like the heart twitter begins testing emoji reactions instead image 2

There's no word yet on when these emoji reactions will go live, if they even do at all, but just knowing Twitter is considering them should appease those of you who were appauled by last week's switch from favourites to hearts.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 17 November 2015.