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(Pocket-lint) - Live-streaming yourself is the new way to engage on social media thanks to apps like Meerkat. But while that was made in 8 weeks Twitter's Persicope has been a year coming and its quality should reflect that.

The Periscope app is out now for iOS with an Android version coming soon – streams can be viewed from browsers by anyone.

The reason Periscope is exciting, other than being Twitter backed, is that it allows for replays. Meerkat only streams live and if you miss that you might link end up following a dead link. Replays make live-streaming a social media that can be browsed.

Periscope is already being used by astronaut Chris Hadfield for live broadcasts from space. If people enjoy the video they can tap the screen to send a heart, or double tap for two hearts. The result is a heart appearing on the stream for the creator and everyone viewing it to see. With many hearts, on videos like those of Hadfield, the icon fuzzes and bubbles up, like a virtual round of applause from the audience.

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Twitter won't integrate Periscope into its platform just yet but is expected to consider doing so in the future. For now Periscope is a separate app.

While this is an exciting new live-streaming offering, Meerkat is growing its user base at 30 per cent a day and has new investors so it too may offer replays soon. The personal broadcasting battle is definitely on.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.