When a weasel rides a woodpecker this internet goes mad, apparently. Could this be another hit like The Dress viral?

A photo was captured on Monday of what turned out to be a tiny weasel attacking a woodpecker. But the photo was timed so well it looked very much like the weasel was hitching a friendly ride on the back of the woodpecker. Kudos to Martin Le-May from Essex for getting such a great photo in Hornchurch Country Park.

As if that wasn’t enough to wow people the internet has taken it a step further. In a true meme-like viral way the photo has been edited plenty of times to include other funny characters, riffing on other memes of late.

From Madonna taking her tumble to Putin riding topless that poor old woodpecker-weasel combination, that's now being called WeaselPecker, has had them all riding the viral wave.

Before you get on the phone to animal welfare don't worry no woodpeckers, or weasels for that matter, were harmed. The weasel may have had a grumbly tummy after being thrown off and forced to look for food elsewhere but apart from that all's well that ends well.

Check out the gallery above to see the best edits of the photo so far.

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