Where next? If that's a question you've found yourself asking your mates when you are down the pub, Heineken believes it has got the answer.

Shunning the usual protocol of launching a dedicated Android or iPhone app and persuading you to download it and use it next time you are at the boozer, the company has instead created an intelligent recommendation service baked right into Twitter.

"If we had just made it a Heineken bar finder nobody would care. We didn't want an un used app," explained Paul Smailes, Heineken's Global Head of Digital to Pocket-lint when we were invited to have a look and try out the new app ahead of its official launch in the UK.

To help create the ultimate pub crawl, you simply have to tweet @wherenext and Heineken's social prowess then jumps into action and recommends cool and happening bars and restaurants in your area by looking at Tweets, Instagram photos, and Foursquare check-ins from the general public.

The service then analyses those tweets, and matches them with hot bars within your local area based on your geo-located tweet and others. The more people are tweeting from the bar and the greater the check-ins the higher up the ranking it goes.

Of course if you don't like crowded, busy pubs this isn't likely to be for you, however the accompanying website does give you a selection of choices to choose from, and because it taps into instagram as well you get photos of the bar so you can see if it is your thing.

Failing that, if you have turned up at an unknown entity, after an hour you get a second tweet from Heineken recommending you go somewhere else keeping you on your epic adventure and making sure the night keeps moving.

The idea, and the service isn't exclusive to pubs that sell Heineken, is that you are encouraged to find new cool places to drink rather than just going to the same old pub around the corner every time.