Since the Uruguay versus Italy match yesterday in the World Cup, Twitter has been awash with consternation, bemusement, shock and damnation of Luis Suarez after he appeared to once again bite a fellow professional footballer on the field of play. However, the picture of Chiellini's indented shoulder is not the only World Cup image making the rounds on the social network.

Another is being retweeted faster than you can say "epic fail", and this time it is the World Cup organisers at fault.

A photograph of the head of international cooperation Luiz Cravo Dorea that appeared in local news outlet Correio Braziliense just so happens to show to the world the SSID and password for the internal Wi-Fi at the World Cup security centre.

In the shot, he's standing next to the system used to watch video feeds from all of the World Cup venues, and in the bottom right of the video wall, the network name and password "b5a2112014" are clearly visible.

We suspect that the security team behind the potential security breach will have changed it by now, but it's certainly got a few of the geekier football fans talking.

As The Register points out, this is not the first time such an incident has happened at a major sporting event. A CBS broadcast clip captured the SSID and password of the Wi-Fi system in the Super Bowl's security centre earlier this year.