Twitter has changed, offering users a platform for a more prominent profile. The new profile allows tweeters to have a larger profile picture, customised header, best tweets and more – all leaving it looking rather like Facebook.

Users are able to promote themselves, using their tweets, from their new profile. Best Tweets is a function that means tweets which have had more engagement will appear larger on a profile to make them easier to find. Pinned Tweet lets users keep one tweet at the top of the page if they want something to remain prominent for longer. Filtered Tweets makes it easier to see certain things when looking at a timeline like; tweets, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies.

The new profile layout is available to a small group of users from today but will rollout to everyone else in the coming weeks. Any new users that sign-up will immediately have access to the new profile layout.

Do you think Twitter promoting its users is a good thing? Or could it detract from the news-feed style platform that currently works well?

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