There's a headline we didn't think we'd write today. But in its mysterious and wonderful way the internet has shown us how to win at social media, or Twitter at least.

Earlier today tech journalist @Olivia_Solon tweeted an hilarious photo of a squirrel feeder shaped like a horse's head. Need we say more? The interesting part was just how quickly it went viral within Twitter. She now has more than 1,500 retweets of the image and over 700 favourites.

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It's not just having over 15,000 followers that's made her tweet so popular. Just look at it. This shows that having a great idea will always do well online.

Another interesting point is that this feeder was written about on 17 February. But only when it was picked up on Reddit 11 hours ago did it start to go viral. Next stage: meta - eyes peeled for a giant squirrel head shaped horse trough.