Vine's website is now inviting Vine users to reserve their custom URLs - because online profiles are coming soon.

Vine is officially accessible only through its iOS, Android, and Windows apps, but it looks like the company finally wants turn its placeholder website into a hub where users can sign in and view profiles and videos. However, similar to how Instagram's existing website works, Vine users won't be able to upload videos through Vine's website.

Vine web profiles are not yet live, but Vine users can grab their custom URLs - also called vanity or personal URLs - starting today. If you're already a registered user of the Vine app and want to reserve a custom URL, just go to Vine's website and sign in with your Vine credentials or via Twitter to get started.

According to Engadget, verified Twitter users should see relevant Vine URLs already pre-reserved for them.

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Vine is a mobile app owned by Twitter that allows users to create and post short video clips with a maximum clip length of six seconds. Check out Pocket-lint's comparison of Instagram and Vine for more information how Twitter's video-sharing service works.