Twitter for iOS and Android received an update bringing the apps to version 6.0, available now on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

The update adds several design changes to the bustling social media application, bringing a lighter user interface and changes to the bottom tab bar highlighting Timelines, Notifications, Messages, and Me. The Home, Activity, and Discover sections of the app can also be accessed by swiping left and right. 

Direct messages now play a bigger role in the Twitter app thanks to the update with easier accessibility via the bottom bar.

Additionally, users can now send and receive photos in the private messaging functionality, rather than rely on third-party solutions like in the past. It could be theorised the move to boost direct messaging's feature comes on the heels of Twitter's rumoured stand-alone direct messaging app.

Also added on the iOS version is support for Safari's Reading List feature in iOS 7. Users can now save links for later within the Twitter app.