There are some new search filters in the Twitter app for iOS and Android, one of which will allow you to view all tweets in your search results rather than the top few.

To view all tweets, all you have to do is toggle between top Tweets and all Tweets at the top of your search results. The other new filters include a photo search option that serves up images in a grid or list, as well as an option for filtering what your friends are saying so that you'll only see results from people you know.

Lastly, as far as filters go, there's a new video option for finding Vines and other shared videos. Twitter further introduced a new trending timeline in Discover. It'll show you trends, associated Tweets, nearby events, etc.

When the latest version of Twitter lands, you'll be able to get it at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Today's update follows the quiet removal of being able to receive direct messages from anyone. The feature - which first surfaced under account settings last month and caused an uproar from users who feared getting spam messages - is no longer available. Twitter hasn't said why it backpedalled on this matter.

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