Good old Twitter, an open platform connecting the world and giving the people a voice, is about to try a spot of consumerism. The result? Free coffees for everybody if Starbucks has anything to do with it.

Look at all the food and drink companies that have set up profiles on Facebook and run campaigns all the time. Why not try it on Twitter too? If anything it's easier for those that want to opt out to do so by not following these companies.

This campaign asks you (Americans only for now) to sync your Starbucks account with your Twitter account and link a credit card. Then by tweeting "@tweetacoffee" and the name of the person you want to gift it to you can give them a $5 voucher for a drink. The first 100,000 to do it will be given a $5 voucher for themselves too.

Adam Brotman, the chief digital officer at Starbucks, says: "It does feed into those physical offline/online moments of serendipity". Perhaps the next time he gets one of those moments he could sling a few free coffees the way of the UK tax offices and make a few more friends.