To receive a direct message or not to receive a direct message, that is the question on Twitter users' minds today. A check box has appeared on several accounts giving the option as Twitter rolls out the new change.

So far marketing user @JimConnolly has tweeted the option in a screenshot saying it's being rolled out now. We don't yet have it, but do we want it? It's a bit like giving your email address to everyone, including spammers.

On the plus side this could be really helpful for companies to converse on specific problems with the public. Or, more sceptically, it allows them to deal privately with problems, taking away the user's power t publicly embarrass them when an issue arises. Of course the option to talk publicly is there too.

If you want to see if the option has popped up for you already, go to "the first settings tab" and you will find the check box. Now you just need to decide if it's something you want.

We will update you when more details arrive.