Twitter looks to be experimenting with a new breaking news service called Event Parrot.

Discovered on Wednesday, the new account will Direct Message those who follow it to help them keep up with what's happening in the world.

The service looks to work in the same way as accounts such as @breakingnews that fire out headlines into your Twitter stream. The difference here is that you get a direct message rather than something that could be lost if you follow lots of people.

Twitter hasn't detailed how the system works, or what news agencies are included in the DMs it will send out, but it could be a huge traffic driver for certain sites if they are picked up and then the link sent to millions of people all keen to hear breaking news. For example, @breakingnews has more t than 6 million followers, suggesting there is some appetite for such a service.

The new experiment follows a previous one run by Twitter which sent users Direct Messages of recommendations of who to follow. That feature has now become part of the Twitter service.

At the time of writing just over 3,500 are already following the account, including a large number of Twitter employees and associates.