Do you like to mention celebrities on Twitter in the hopes that they'll one day respond? Well, the thrill of getting a reply tweet from them may soon be a thing of the past, as Twitter recently announced a new feature that lets verified users sift through their mentions.

Specifically, verified users now have new options for filtering mentions from unverified users (aka a regular user/average person) and spam bots. How is this possible, you may ask? In the Connect tab on the web, Twitter has added the ability to toggle between three categories: all, filtered and verified.

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"Selecting 'Filtered' will show mentions based on an algorithm we use to filter out spam, and choosing 'Verified' means they’ll only see mentions from other verified accounts," explained Twitter in a blog post.

Twitter also said that it plans to roll out the feature to mobile. The purpose is to help verified users - whether on mobile or the web - better monitor and engage with others on Twitter. However, it also means celebrities on Twitter will have the ability to tune out their fans.