Twitter #Music has been added to Spotify, making it easier to discover the music your friends and the rest of the world are listening to from within the music-streaming app. "Discover the hottest new music in the World right now," the app says. Users can get Twitter #Music via the App Finder.

Upon launching the app, it lets you sort through Superstars (aka popular singers/bands), Popular, Emerging, Unearthed, and Hunted. Genres, including alternative, country, folk, hip hop, rock, and more are also found. Each launches into a ranked list of trending songs, and you can play them by simply clicking on them. It's simple and works like you'd expect.

The feature we really like is the ability to make playlists of Twitter Music sections. For example, the Superstars chart is made into a 138-track playlist that can then be synced offline. This can be achieved by clicking the "add as playlist" button found in the top right of each section. We assume the playlists stay current with what Twitter Music finds as trending.

twitter music becomes more useful thanks to spotify app image 2

Twitter Music launched in April too much fanfare on the iTunes App Store, but chatter of the app quickly worn-off in subsequent weeks. Releasing a Spotify app makes sense, given this is where music listening is already happening for a slew of users worldwide. There's no need to launch a separate app making for a relatively intuitive experience. 

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