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(Pocket-lint) - Rowi announced on Wednesday that it has reached its 100,000 user-token limit on Windows Phone, effectively halting the lite and trial versions of the app.

Twitter announced a year ago that it would set a limit on “user tokens” - or the number of accounts that a third-party Twitter client could support - at 100,000. This put in a dent in the plans of many developers who had businesses or apps that relied on Twitter’s platform, because suddenly they couldn't have an unlimited number of users.

One such app now feeling the effect of Twitter's decision is Rowi. It's a Twitter client for Windows 8 and Windows Phone that offers all the bells and whistles of Twitter's own offering, as well as a simple design. It's even considered one of the best Windows 8 apps. With such praise, it's no surprise that the company has now hit its user-token limit on Windows Phone.


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Rowi published the following tweet on Wednesday: "Well, we've reached our 100K Twitter user limit. :( Rowi for @WindowsPhone (Lite and Trial) are now gone. More info on what's next to come."

The company clarified to users that those who had paid for the non-ad supported version of Rowi would still be able to use the app or even reinstall and reauthorise the app. As for whether Rowi will push out any more updates going forward, the company has not made any further announcements yet.

Writing by Elyse Betters.