Twitter has announced a new "Related headlines" section that will begin appearing on its website. The Related headlines will include those from reputable publications and provide a little more context to tweets.

Twitter announced the news with a tweet from NBA centre Jason Collins as an example. When Collins announced big sporting news on Twitter in April, publications including ESPN, MSNBC and Bleacher Report embedded the tweet on their website and began adding more context. Twitter's API now identifies the embed and will list the publication and URL on a tweet's permalink page.

twitter now lists related headlines that pertain to certain tweets to add more context image 2

In a world where tweets are becoming focal for news stories, Twitter's new feature is definitely welcomed. Publications - like yours truly - focus some stories around notable tweets and provide context that readers wouldn't find on itself.

As for tweet embeds on publications, Twitter won't list competing publications. For example, if MSNBC posted a story with an embedded tweet, a title and link from ESPN and Bleacher Report would not appear.