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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter updated its iOS and Android apps on Tuesday to incorporate its two-step verification feature for added security, after previously enabling it on the web. Now instead of hooking up a phone number to your account, you can use the mobile Twitter apps for the added layer of security. 

Two-step verification worked like this before Tuesday's update: you provided Twitter with your usual password and a phone number that it can text a security code to each time you want to log in on a new device. You took the code from the text, entered it in, and woolah, you had two steps of added security. Now with the update, login requests will go through the mobile Twitter apps, ruling out any need for a phone number - if you so choose. 


When logging in (and two-step verification is enabled), Twitter will beam your apps for a login requests. Since it's internet based and not through a phone number, you will see browser details and approximate location in the app. If you receive an approval request from halfway across the world, you'll know if someone is trying to hack your account. If you ever lose your phone, Twitter will provide back-up codes that can be written down and stored in a safe place. 

Since you only need an internet connection to use the apps, two-step verification is now available worldwide. Login verification via SMS is only available through a list of supported mobile carriers across the world, not covering everybody.

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Also included in the app updates today are new search suggestions with social context to see how you're connected to other users, a new photo gallery in search and, on iOS, there is a new photo gallery on user profiles.

Writing by Jake Smith.