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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter recently updated its TweetDeck desktop apps for Windows and Mac to bring them up to speed with the web and Chrome counterparts.

As for the Windows app update, it now has the new look and navigation that rolled out for web last week. Users will notice TweetDeck has moved the top navigation bar to the left side of the screen, where function controls like tweet and view interactions now sit. The app further added a New Tweet button at the top, a Search icon that opens the Search window when clicked, and a series of icons for columns in TweetDeck.

Just roll over each icon to get the full title or click to move the display to that column. Column icons even scroll up and down in the sidebar - and underneath them is the “Add column” icon. In addition, TweetDeck now allows users to drag and drop to rearrange columns in the sidebar.


Users will also find three icons at the bottom of the sidebar. Just click to expand the sidebar to show the titles of each button and the column names. Clicking on the Lists icon will quickly open the list window, and clicking on the Settings icon will change TweetDeck and add more Twitter accounts.

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TweetDeck's Mac app update on Friday has the redesigned layout found in the Windows, web and Chrome desktop apps, including the moved navigation bar and drag-and-drop arrangement functionality for columns in the sidebar. Other additions include a new translation feature, the option to add a "Followers" column, as well as the ability to filter interactions and filter search columns by engagement. 

Twitter said these changes to TweetDeck create "some significant usability improvements around column reordering and easier navigation" and "make for a cleaner look".

Writing by Elyse Betters.