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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter has launched an application for Google Glass. The new app allows you to post photos directly from the clever Google-made glasses, to Twitter. 

On top of posting pictures, the app also includes a proper notification system which will bring any info from your Twitter feed directly to Google Glass. DMs, mentions and Tweets will all be viewable via the glasses and it is possible to reply to and retweet anything you see from your Twitter feed on the glasses.

On top of Twitter, Google Glass is also to benefit from an increased number of social networking apps. Facebook has got on board with Google Glass and is to launch an app that lets you share pictures from the glasses to the social network. 


Evernote has announced a Google Glass app which lets you read lists via the glasses. Google's new Hangout functionality is also planned for launch on Glass.

All the apps, which were announced during a conference at Google I/O on Thursday, can be activated directly from your Google Glass setup page, should you be lucky enough to own a pair of the sought after glasses.

Google Glass was expected to make an appearance during the Google I/O keynote yesterday, but remained behind the scenes apart from a few members of the crowd who were wearing a pair.

The glasses are the latest product to come from Google's doors but aren't yet to go on sale to the general public. They feature a small glass prism in the right lens which pairs with your smartphone to give information such as email and weather. The new apps further bolster its functionality and take advantage of the glasses' ability to snap photos instantly, just by saying the words, "Take a picture."

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.