Twitter has just released a new version of its mobile app for Android, bringing with it a refreshed, more native look and feel. 

Things now look lighter and fresher, with more distinct sections across the top that you can quickly swipe between. The fonts are lighter too, so visually, it's nice to have a refresh across the app.

Hashtag and people suggestions have been tweaked, to make it easier to find what they're looking for, but in our initial play, we couldn't see a huge difference from previous versions. 

More services are now integrated into Twitter too, with more information coming through from things like Foursquare, Path or Flickr, with Twitter Card support, meaning deep linking between mobile apps. You'll be able to open the app from the tweet, or download it from the relevant app store.

Twitter Cards now bring support for apps, products and image galleries, so Twitter will be more dynamic in the way that it can display content in the future.

These last features affect twitter across iPhone and online, not just the Android app. It's available to download now from Google Play and iTunes.