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(Pocket-lint) - Following a promise last October, Twitter has announced the availability of a native Windows 8 and Windows RT app.

The app doesn't offer any huge features that aren't available on other platforms, featuring the obligatory Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs. Twitter has, however, taken advantage of specific Windows 8 features and built the app around them. 

The first is the snap view feature on Windows 8. It has extended to the Twitter app, enabling users to run it alongside another application. The Windows 8 Twitter app can be pinned to the left or right side of the screen, where users can watch a stream of tweets flood in while working on something else. 


The Windows 8 Twitter app also features a landscape photo view that will work well with the form factor of the Surface RT. Users can swipe horizontally to view multiple photos in landscape view on the Discover tab or another users's profile, rather than photos being small and boxed in.

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Finally, sharing and searching on the Twitter app from anywhere within Windows 8 with ease, as users can swipe from the right edge from an app to select either functionality. As you'd expect with Windows 8, Live Tiles and notifications are also present. 

Twitter for Windows 8 and Windows RT is now available from the Windows store in 22 languages.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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