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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter is working on a standalone music app for iOS that will assist users in finding new music and could be in users' hands by the end of March, according to CNET. 

The new application will reportedly come with the help of music discovery website We Are Hunted, which Twitter acquired last year. The We Are Hunted technology is said to be integrated into the Twitter Music application and will stream music over SoundCloud if the artist has chosen to host their music on the service. If a song isn't listed on SoundCloud, users will be directed to an iTunes preview.

Unlike Vine, Twitter Music is said to carry plenty of Twitter branding, with the familiar blue Twitter bird looking down from the corner of the app. There will be four main tabs for Twitter Music: Suggested, #NowPlaying, #Popular, and Emerging. The app will look to who a user follows and will base recommendations on that.


Sadly, it doesn't sound like popular music-streaming services Spotify or Rdio will be integrated. SoundCloud does seem like a natural choice for Twitter,  which has already partnered with the company for integration within tweets. CNET points at a We Are Hunted employee who was recently seen using the '#NowPlaying' hashtag when sharing a SoundCloud song on Twitter.

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We've reached out to Twitter in hope of learning more. No word on Android availability. 

Writing by Jake Smith.
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