Twitter for Windows Phone has been updated to bring it in line with the design language of all other Twitter apps. The UI on Windows Phone now closely matches that of iOS and Android, with a simple and easy to follow tab-based user interface.

On the top of the app sit four icons which correspond to the relevant Twitter action: search, profile, @ and hashtags.  

As well as the updated icons, there is now the ability to compose a Tweet from anywhere within the application. All you need to do is hit the compose icon in the application bar. 

Then there is an improved live tile which can be linked with accounts to show lists and searches, so you can have Twitter content at a glance.

The app is downloadable free now from the Windows Phone marketplace. It marks a big improvement over Windows Phone's current Twitter app and could be a hint that Twitter will be implement the same design on every OS, a good move.

We just hope they do something about BlackBerry 10's Twitter app, because it's easily one of the weakest parts of the new operating system.