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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter has announced an update for its iOS and Android apps, along with its mobile.twitter.com webpage, to include easier ways for users to gain new information, without their streams being interrupted. 

Additionally, the folks at Twitter have provided a new search button within its iOS app, a feature that has been available on Android for months. The Discover tab once housed the search feature, a perhaps confusing place for users, but with the latest update they will know where to search for the latest on Justin Bieber or Beyonce.

Part of the company's move to streamline information includes a Discover tab revamp. It now falls into a single stream, rather than the tweets, trends, activity and more broken up into different sections. 


Additionally, the Connect tab has been revamped, with the default view now Interactions, which will provide information on new followers, retweets, and mentions. It was once just mentions, but if a user chooses to go back, they can go to the Connect tab option and select “Mentions only”. 

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Finally,, URLs within the Twitter app will go directly to the website, rather than the tweet expanding and making a user perform a second click to go to the desired spot. 

The updates are available on the App Store, Google Play and mobile.twitter.com.

Writing by Jake Smith.
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