Twitter has announced several new enhancements for users who enjoy accessing the social network straight from the web. The most notable enhancement is to make it easier for users to view photos and videos. 

When viewing a photo on Twitter's website, users were once locked into seeing the smaller version on a profile page. If they wanted to see the larger version they would have to view the photo from the source.

However thanks to an update from Twitter, large photos are now displayed right on the page. Users can simply click a photo on a profile page or in search result listings to see the larger version without even leaving the page.

twitter improves photo and video viewing on the web image 2

Videos will begin showing up in users' media galleries, Twitter also announced. Twitter's new Vine, along with YouTube, Vimeo, and other partners whose videos already appear in the expanded Tweets feature, will be featured alongside photos.

Lastly, Twitter has rolled more replies on to a tweet's page, along with replies to replies. This addition should prompt more discussion on the social network, not that there was a lack of to start.