After promising such a feature earlier this year, Twitter has added the ability for users to download their entire history of tweets as one file, to keep in an archive. However, at present this has only been implemented for "a very small percentage" of Twitter fans.

The new feature appears in the settings at the top of an online Twitter page. It is listed as "Your Twitter Archive" and, once requested, you will soon receive an email with a download link to a ZIP folder containing HTML, CSV and JSON files of a chronological list of every tweet you have ever posted, all the way back to the very first.

Only a few people have received the new functionality though, with a wider roll-out expected before New Year's Day. As Twitter user Psanta (@Psilosophy) believes, he got it early only because he's part of the social network's translation team - he translated part of the site to Hindi a while back.

"It's not available for everyone yet. Twitter is gradually rolling it out. Should be there for everyone by year's end," he posted today.

"I helped in translating part of the website to Hindi a while back. So maybe that's why I was one of the 1st to get it."

We're yet to see the process in action ourselves here on Pocket-lint, but we have been informed that it's pretty painless. Apart from re-reading those occasional cringeworthy tweets you'd rather not remember, of course.