Not only has Barack Obama been elected for a second term as US President he's also smashed a world record for the number of retweets he's had with his posting of a celebratory embrace with his wife Michelle.

The most popular tweet ever simply states "Four more years" and the picture is attached. It has, at current count, been retweeted a staggering 546,044 times and counting - more times than the number of votes he got in the state of Mississipi.

It has also been made a "favorite" tweet 184,273 times. Crikey.

The previous holder of the record was Justin Bieber, who's tweet, "RIP Avalanna. I love you", garnered just over 223,000 retweets.

Surely that's a red rag to Bieber fans, who will now be retweeting as much as their little confused fingers will allow. You can stop them taking number one back by doing the same for @BarackObama. This could be a race for supremacy far more interesting than the US presidential election. Er. Sort of.