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(Pocket-lint) - Twitter has released updates for its iOS and Android apps, and has added new profile functionality that also works when using the social network through a web browser.

The new version of the iPad app is even more than just a mere update. It's been rebuilt from the ground up, to improve speed and ease of use. You can now expand tweets quickly so that pictures are shown almost full screen. And weblinks and videoclips now expand to fill the entire display.

Conversations are now shown in the Connect mode, with the relevant tweet appearing above a reply, for example. You can also more easily keep track of who has followed or mentioned you, retweeted or favourited your tweets.

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The Discover tag on the sidebar now allow you to see news stories directly tailored for you, the activity of your friends, and trends which are much more overt than ever before. And your own "Me" page is now much clearer and more easily accessible. Plus, you have the opportunity to add a personalised header photo on your profile, which will appear across all devices and online.

The same function has been added to the new Android and iPhone applications, while you can also now see a new photo thumbnail ribbon underneath a friend's profile which allows you to scroll through and enlarge any of the pictures they have posted to Twitter.

Twitter v5.0 for iPhone and iPad are available for free from iTunes now, and Twitter v3.4.0 for Android is out now on Google Play.

Writing by Rik Henderson.