As far as Twitter firsts go, sending the first tweet from another planet is right up there. Nasa’s Curiosity rover has landed on Mars and as well as beaming down some photos to Earth, it also posted a number of tweets. 

The first tweet that confirmed the ship’s arrival read: "I'm safely on the surface of Mars. GALE CRATER I AM IN YOU!!!#MSL"

After being prompted by other Twitter users to post some pictures, Curiosity rover, who’s Twitter handle is @MarsCuriosity, duly obliged.

curiosity rover lands on mars and sends tweet from out of this world image 2

Curiosity rover was launched into space on 26 November 2011, but landed on Mars only on 6 August 2012. The spacecraft’s mission is “to see if Mars ever had the right conditions to support life!” 

Okay, so in truth, the Twitter feed is most likely being operated by someone in an office at Nasa HQ, but it’s still well worth following and we’ll certainly be keeping a watchful eye for the tweet: “Life form found! What is that? It’s got lasers! Abort mission, abort mission!”

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