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(Pocket-lint) - The Olympic opening ceremony celebrated Sir Tim Berners-Lee's achievements - by asking the founder of the World Wide Web to play a key part in opening of the London Olympic Games. He then delivered a specially prepared tweet to the world. 

He tweeted: "This is for everyone" from a computer in a "digital" household in the Stratford Stadium to welcome the world’s first "Socialympics".

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His message sat at the heart of the ceremony, acting as the theme for the spectacular event.

"The values and achievements of the Olympics will be amplified by the World Wide Web. It will be like millions of digital torches carrying the spirit of the Games to every corner of the world. It is an honour to have played a part in the opening ceremony for such an inspiring and truly international event that will be remembered as the most connected Olympic Games in history", Sir Tim said.

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The honour of tweeting to a world audience of one billion TV viewers and hundreds of millions following on social media was in recognition of his personal commitment to helping people share knowledge and information around the globe.

The opening ceremony, orchestrated by film director Danny Boyle, saw a number of "British" moments and people praised and highlighted, including the industrial revolution, Mr Bean, James Bond and Her Majesty the Queen acting:

Writing by Stuart Miles.
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