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(Pocket-lint) - A bespoke metre-long bird box has been commissioned by garden woodcare specialist Cuprinol in time to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. As well as eerily representing Her Majesty's London residence, it features a "Tweetdeck", allowing visiting birds to post their movements on Twitter.

Peckingham Palace showcases five shades of Cuprinol's limited edition Jubilee colours, is made from pinewood and took 336 man hours to build. It's front is nigh-on identical to that of Buckingham Palace, and it is now erected outside a northwest London home.

It features its own internet connection, in order to post the tweets, and features private rooms for the birds and a large Union Jack-adorned feeding area. Tweets are posted to address @PeckinghamTweet every time an avian visitor crosses an infrared beam installed in the entrance.

The birds' posts so far have included such, perhaps controversial, messages as, "Chirp", "Cheep Cheep" and "Looking out across the garden from the Peckingham Palace balcony today" (from a particular literate sparrow, we understand).

Peckinham Palace will continue to tweet until the Queen's Jubilee in June.

To find out more, and to check out a forthcoming competition to win the limited edition Diamond Jubilee Cuprinol range (in Royal Red, Diamond White and Jubilee Blue), visit the company's website at www.cuprinol.co.uk.

UPDATE: Peckingham Palace is to move home. It will eventually be permanently installed at the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in Peckham (naturally). Before that however, the London Wildlife Trust is keen to show it at the Wild London Jubilee event in Richmond Park on 15 May, with the Queen herself in attendance.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.