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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's latest operating system, OS X Mountain Lion, will let you tweet anything you want from anywhere you want.

The Cupertino-based company has revealed that it will be "baking in" Twitter at an OS level allowing you to tweet easily right from within an app.

Users of OS X Mountain Lion will be able to login to the social networking service when they first set up their computer with the new OS and then never have to worry about it again.

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Apple has said that it will be offering the "Tweet" button in several of its own apps, including Safari, Preview, Photo Booth, and even Quick Look, but will also be offering developers the chance to add it to their own apps to make sharing things on Twitter even easier.

Twitter contacts will also be displayed in your Address Book (now to be called Contacts) with the Twitter profile picture and username alongside other details you have on those people - presumably in a similar way to how Cobook already does it.

Designed to look identical to the way the feature works on the iPad and iPhone, selecting the Twitter share button will automatically open a new window, allowing users to type in their accompanying message alongside the image or thing they want to share.

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Apple has also added location support with the new feature based on your Wi-Fi location.

When iOS 5 launched in 2011 Apple opted to bake in Twitter support, allowing users to tweet anything, Twitter saw a massive increase in traffic and usage. According to Twitter CEO Dick Costelo, Twitter sign-ups more than doubled and the number of tweets sent increase over 90 per cent.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.