Want to know how well brands are performing with their Super Bowl advertising campaigns? Probably not; that sounds a bit dull after all.

But how's about seeing how well brands are performing by seeing little cartoon worms (complete with gridiron helmets) popping out of their holes? We know - awesome, right?

And that's exactly what social media monitoring company Brandwatch is offering for Super Bowl XLVI with its live data visualisation of the Twitter buzz surrounding the big match's advertisers.

Each worm on the constantly updating website represents a different brand and, every time one pops up, it means that someone has mentioned that brand's campaign on the micro-blogging platform. It even deciphers which tweets are positive, which are neutral and which negative. The worm in possession of the football tells you which brand is creating the most hype.

There have already been more than 2 million tweets, with Volkswagen leading the way thanks to its Star Wars dogs ad teaser. You can also see each brand's performance over the past 28 days and an estimate of just how much money they have all spent on their campaigns.

If you fancy getting involved and tweeting about the Super Bowl, add #bwcheerleader to your tweet and you'll unleash a hidden cheerleader on to the site as well. Marvellous.

Check out the fun for yourself over at labs.brandwatch.com/superbowl

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